Digital X-Rays

X-Rays Give Us A Look Below The SurfaceDigital Dental X-rays

X-rays are one of the most important parts of every dental exam. An X-Ray allows us to have a deep look at your oral health. X-Ray give us a good idea of where we need to start and what issues may be lying below the surface to help us develop the best plan for your teeth. Looking with just our eyes would leave a lot of underlying dental and health problems undiagnosed, allowing them to damage your teeth and overall wellness until they bring themselves to the surface.

Problems such as Tumors, cysts, internal tooth decay, bone loss, impacted wisdom teeth, and even the early signs of gum disease all are hard or impossible to detect without the use of an X-ray.

As we pride ourselves on being on forefront of dental techniques, patients at Green California Dental receive digital X-rays instead of the older style. This technology is both faster as well as having reduced radiation exposure when compared to traditional X-rays.

Why Digital X-Rays

Digital X-ray radiation comparison chart

One of the first benefits of Digital X-rays that we can note is that they expose patients to 80-90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. This takes the already low dose of traditional methods and makes it even safer and creating even less risk to your overall health. For many, this is a factor enough to choose this method, and can help ease fears about the radiation exposure risk.

Aside from the lower radiation levels, there are many more benefits to Digital X-rays that include:

  • Instant Results – No waiting for X-ray film to develop. Digital X-rays are able to be evaluated right away while you are getting them done. This allows us to start looking at them immediately and show you right away what we see so we can create a treatment plan on the spot!
  • Image manipulation – Before, if we wanted to see other angles of a tooth or see something closer, it meant having to get another X-ray that is more specific. With Digital X-rays we are able to zoom, rotate, contrast, and more with just a few clicks; eliminating the need to take more X-rays!
  • Easy to store and refer – Digital X-rays no longer require a large physical storage space and are easier to find by just looking up your patient info. On top of that, if we need to refer you to a specialist, we can just send your images over digitally. This makes for a much faster process and an easier overall experience for you!
  • Simple and more comfortable – We used to have to insert bulky films into your mouth and then take the images. Now, a small sensor does that job and lets you relax and be comfortable, as well as discuss the results with us.

Now you know the why’s and how’s of Digital X-rays, so the next step is to call or click to make an appointment with Green California Dental Group now, so you can come and experience the difference we have to offer in our Burbank dental office!

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