Crowns And Bridges For Burbank's Smiles

Crowns Restore Damaged Teeth

It is pretty much inevitableBefore and After Anterior-PFZ that at some point in all of our lives we will end up with some damage to our teeth. Whether it be a crack while playing sports or from eating the wrong piece of food at the wrong time, a simple chip, day to day wear, or even from the results of decay weakening the structures of the tooth; damage happens and at Green California Dental we are prepared to make it look new again!

If there is a significant amount of damage to the enamel, but the structure of the tooth is sound at the foundation, then one simple option would be to place a dental crown on the tooth. The material of the crown can vary between all-metal, ceramic on metal, all ceramic, as well a few other options and Dr. Kerikorian will base which kind to use based off of the location in your mouth the crown is being placed. Each having benefits that relate to placement and use.

Steps of placing a crown

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It will usually take two dental visits to complete the placement of the crown.

    1. Dr. Kerikorian will prepare the tooth:  Removing the outer portion of the tooth so the crown will fit properly, while also removing any decay. Sometimes more structure is required and the doctor will build it up using a filling material.
    2. An impression is made: We then make an impression of the tooth to provide an exact model for the crown. This is done with molds or digital scanning. The teeth surrounding the tooth will also have an impression to ensure the crown will not adversely effect them.
    3. You may get a temporary crown: In most cases you will receive a temporary crown while you wait for the permanent crown to be ready. This usually takes less than 2 weeks. The temporary crown is made out of acrylic and are held in place with a temporary cement. During the period of time you have a temporary crown, your tooth may be sensitive to hot and cold. Be sure to also avoid chewing gum and eating sticky foods during this time.
    4. The permanent crown is placed.  On the second visit, the temporary crown will be removed and after checking for color and fit your permanent crown will be placed.

dental crown application

Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

Sometimes the damage to a Before and After PFZ Bridgetooth extends to the root, or decay, trauma, or gum disease leave no option but to remove the tooth. Replacing missing teeth in these cases can be solved with a procedure known as a dental bridge. A bridge is a restorative technique that uses one or more false teeth that are held in place by crowns on adjacent teeth.

There are options that include both fixed and removable bridges, fixed being cemented in place and removable ones can be taken out at night or for cleaning.

The procedure for a bridge is similar to that of a crown, only impressions of the whole area is made and the crowns are placed on the teeth adjacent to the missing one(s).

Whichever option you need, Dr. Kerikorian and the staff at our Burbank dental office will make sure you get the highest quality care and results! Make an appointment now for the smile you dream of!

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