Crowns And Bridges For Burbank's Smiles

Crowns and Bridges

Do you have crooked or missing teeth affecting your smile and overall facial appearance? If yes, there is no need to worry as we have the perfect solution for you to restore your teeth and give you a picture-perfect, healthy, and lasting smile with dental crowns and bridges. 

What are Dental Crowns and Bridges?

  • Dental Crowns 

According to the American Dental Association, a crown is a cap-shaped structure that sits over the entire visible surface of a tooth and is used for fixing various structural and cosmetic tooth defects. Dental crowns are made of composite resins, porcelain, or metal alloys. In some cases, a crown consists of an alloy-based structure with a coating of tooth-colored porcelain to provide natural esthetics. 

Who Can Benefit From Dental Crowns?

Your cosmetic dentist in Burbank will use crowns to restore grossly damaged teeth. Some of the cases where dental crowns are used include:

  • Chipped or crooked teeth 
  • Teeth with permanent stains that cannot be removed with teeth whitening 
  • Fractured teeth 
  • Congenitally de-shaped teeth 
  • Teeth having excessive spaces
  • To correct mild tooth misalignment cosmetically 
  • To reinforce teeth after root canal treatment. 

How are Crowns Prepared?

Fabrication of dental crowns is a simple procedure typically completed in 2-3 sittings. During your first appointment, we will examine your affected teeth and their x-ray images to determine the extent of the damage. Next, we will remove a thin layer of the outer tooth enamel to create space for bonding the crown to the tooth. This is known as tooth preparation. Afterward, we will make impressions of your teeth and send them to the laboratory for fabricating the crowns. 

At the next appointment, we will first try your crowns on the prepared teeth without bonding them. Then, once both our dentist and you are satisfied with the fit and esthetics, we will bond the crowns to your teeth with an adhesive. That’s it! Now you are the proud owner of a beautiful smile. 

  • Dental Bridges

A dental bridge comprises multiple crowns joined together and is used for replacing missing teeth. A bridge consists of two crowns at each end which rests on the prepared supporting teeth (abutments), while the gap created by the missing teeth is “bridged” by connecting dental crowns to the abutment teeth, such that one crown is used for each missing tooth. 

Unlike removable dentures, a bridge remains fixed to the teeth. Therefore, it provides superior chewing efficiency and esthetics and is considerably more durable. In addition, a well-looked-after bridge can last up to 15 years, even longer. 

How are Dental Bridges Prepared?

The procedure for fabricating and placing dental bridges is the same as dental crowns. First, the supporting teeth are prepared, followed by making impressions and fabrication in the dental laboratory. Afterward, the prepared bridges are bonded to the supporting teeth on either side using adhesive. 

Both dental crowns are excellent options for restoring damaged and replacing missing teeth, respectively. If you are looking for a “dentist near Burbank” for cosmetic or general dental treatment, look no more! Visit us at Green California Dental Group and let us take care of your entire family’s dental health and give you a beautiful smile that you genuinely deserve. 


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