Root Canals Are Nothing To Fear

What is a Root Canal?

Root canal: It is a word that is often associated with pain and discomfort and bad previous experiences usually reported by others than the patient . Is there really a reason for us to be so afraid of this procedure? Or has it received a bad reputation due to being a punchline in pop culture? The answer is No. There is no need to be afraid as millions are treated with root canals every year and are relieved often from pain. In fact, with modern procedures, a root canal is relatively painless!


Years ago, when a tooth was infected, diseased, or injured… it was pulled. And while in some cases this is still the only option, in many others we can save the tooth with a root canal. The pulp is the soft part of your tooth that is filled with blood vessels and nerves, and the pulp can get infected or inflamed due to cracks, cavities, or other injuries to the surrounding tooth. The pulp is usually accessed from to of the tooth then small instruments are used to clean out the pulp and nerve from the pulp chamber and the canal in the root of the tooth. The canal or canals depending on a tooth are then shaped, cleaned, and disinfected in preparation for a filling. Medicine may be placed in the chamber as well to help treat infection, and you may be given antibiotics if the infection has spread to surrounding structures. A temporary filling is placed in the tooth before a crown or permanent filling is placed on the root canal treated tooth. Root canals are generally done under local anesthesia, and is not more painful than any other dental procedure. It can be sore after the procedure  and can have some discomfort and sensitivity for a few days. You can return to your normal activities after a typical root canal procedure without any disruption with usually taking Over the counter medications.

Root Canal Procedure

 Do I need a Root Canal?

  •   Here are some indications for a root canal therapy:
  •  Cracked Tooth
  •  Deep Cavity
  •  Pain on biting or chewing
  •  Lingering sensitivity to hot or cold
  •   Tender or swollen gums typically next to the tooth in question
  •  Unprovoked pain
A root canal is a better alternative to a tooth extraction when possible, and allows for the natural tooth to remain rather than being replaced with an implant or bridge. Call Dr. Kerikorian at Green California Dental Group now to make an appointment at our Burbank dentist office for an exam and consultation so he can develop a treatment plan that is right for you!

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